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Matt Maxwell
Co-Founder & CEO

Matt brings 6 years of startup leadership to the BoltAbout team. He's focused on creating strong financials to help grow BoltAbout nationwide. Better yet—Matt wakes up stoked every day and brings positive energy to the team.


Tavin Boynton
Co-Founder & President

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Tavin was always in love with bikes. With us, he’s eager to pair his love for biking with his passion for design.


Cameron Wiese
Sales and Execution

Cameron's our secret weapon. He brings his relentless resourcefulness to light to help grow the business and delight our customers.


Jackson Reznicek
Account Executive

This Business Marketing student is committed to expanding BoltAbout's presence and offerings not only in San Luis Obispo, but to bike-friendly communities everywhere. Every day he whips his BoltClassic to the office.


Brett Barker
Account Executive

When you hear this California native introduce himself as "Barker, Brett Barker," you know he means business. Brett is in charge of our B2B solutions here at BoltAbout.

Our Story

The idea to start BoltAbout came November 2015.
Like many Cal Poly students, we were frustrated by the current transportation situation in San Luis Obispo. When we drove to school, finding a parking space was way too stressful. The bus often ran late, and when we chose to bike, we would arrive to class sweaty and out of breath. Things needed to change.

After hopping on an electric bike for the first time, we knew we had to get our hands on one. The only problem? Electric bikes cost over $2000, and like many college students, buying one was out of the question. But we had an idea: What if instead of buying it, you could lease it for a low price, yet still feel like royalty when you pulled back the throttle? And BoltAbout was born.

In April 2016, we began a pilot program, leasing our electric bikes on a monthly basis and received incredible feedback from our riders and their friends. Soon, we had hundreds of people waiting in line for their electric bike.

In June, we were a part of Cal Poly's summer startup accelerator program, an intensive 3-month MBA crash course to bring our idea to the next level. Read more about the accelerator here.

In September, we expanded our team as well as our customer base, now serving well over 100 happy customers in San Luis Obispo. We have an exciting road ahead and invite you to be part of our journey.




Based on 30 miles ridden per customer per week
versus same number miles driven in a 20MPG car.

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