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What is BoltAbout?

BoltAbout leases electric bicycles on a monthly basis, allowing city commuters and students to get where they need fast, fun, and sustainably.

What sets BoltAbout apart?

Who we are
As college students ourselves, we understand that you don't have time to waste on things like traffic and crowded busses. You need to get from point A to point B ASAP, no questions asked. You also like to get places early, so you can relax. By giving students the freedom of a bike but the speed of a car, the whole system benefits. Lots are less crowded, traffic is less stressful, there's more smiling in America's Happiest City.
Why we do it
By buying an electric bike, you might not be able to see the impact you're making on the environment. But by joining BoltAbout, you're joining a community of passionate SLO residents who love staying active and protecting this beautiful place. Together, we can have a huge impact.
Our Service
Our customers are our #1 priority. If there's any way we can make your experience better, we'll go out of our way to make it happen. That's why we've designed our entire company to optimize the customer experience. From the moment you reserve a bike to your first time pulling the throttle, you'll come to see how much our employees care about making your day.

Do you only lease to students?

Of course not! Our customers range from Cal Poly freshmen to business commuters to hip parents. We currently serve anyone over the age of 18 in San Luis Obispo.

Do you do daily and weekend rentals?

We do, and we've made it remarkably affordable! Head to Vacation Rentals to pick a bike and book a meeting.

Can I test ride a BoltAbout electric bike?

Absolutely! Click here to sign up for a free test ride. Select an electric bike to take for a spin and see how amazing our bikes are.

What is the difference between the different packages?

We have a package that works for everyone! We currently offer 8 different models in three different packages: BoltClassic, BoltMaster, and BoltLegend.
Our starter package, BoltClassic, at just $79, offers the White Stride 400 and Black Phantom 400. These electric bikes are powered by a 400-watt battery and include a free helmet, front and rear lights, kryptonite u-lock and wear and tear maintenance.
The BoltMaster, starting at $99, is step up. It offers the luxurious Green Islander, Pink Islander, and Phantom 500. These bikes are faster and stronger, powered by a 500-watt battery, and include everything in the BoltClassic package, plus upgraded locks, lights and Roadside Relief.
The BoltLegend, starting at $129, is our first-class package. It offers the Genesis 600 and Phantom 600. These are our fastest and strongest models, powered by a 600-watt integrated downtube battery and featuring cush suspension for an even smoother ride. This package includes everything from the BoltMaster plus 2 credits of Roadside Relief and the Comfiest Seat in the WorldTM.

What is the Comfiest Seat in the World?TM

It's BoltAbout's signature custom Memory Foam bike seat. It'll make your commute like a trip to heaven. Available on our BoltLegend models or by request.

Do you only serve San Luis Obispo?

While we currently only serve customers in SLO, we do allow residents elsewhere to lease our bikes on a case-by-case basis. Email us at for more information.

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How it Works

What’s included when I lease my BoltAbout electric bike?

Every BoltAbout lease comes standard with a free helmet, front and rear lights, Kryptonite U-Lock, and Wear & Tear Maintenance.

Is there a minimum lease period?

Nope – Take it for one month or twelve. You’re never locked in. Only difference is we offer discounts if you choose to commit for a longer period of time.

Are there special rates for long-term commitments?

Yes! We are always trying to put our customer first! Send us an email at to find a deal thats right for you!

Can I buy a bike instead of leasing?

Of course. We have a Lease-to-Own program, or you can buy your own electric bike outright. We will work with you to ensure you are getting the best deal possible! Shoot us an email at for more info.

How do you calculate Rainy Day reimbursments?

We gather our rain data from Weather Underground. We then take the number of rainy days / total number of days in month, and apply that percentage as a discount to your next payment. Note: To be counted as a rainy day, must rain >0.1".

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How do you collect payment? Is it safe and secure?

BoltAbout uses Stripe, a secure payment platform much like PayPal or Square that allows us to charge you monthly on a rolling basis. You can view Stripe's privacy policy here.

When do I get charged?

Customers are charged the day they pickup their bike and every 30 days thereafter. If you begin your lease on November 6, you'll be charged the 6th of every month.

Do I pay up front or month-to-month?

You're charged month-to-month, so you're never locked into more than you can afford. This also allows us to throw in frequent discounts, such as our Rainy Day and Student Break discounts, as well as referral credits.

Is there a security deposit?

We happily waive the security deposit for our customers in San Luis Obispo County. For customers outside of the area, we must charge a $200 security deposit, which will be returned in full at the end of your lease unless you're notified otherwise.

What do I do with all the savings by not driving my car?

That's a no-brainer. TREAT YOURSELF! Enjoy a nice massage, redeem your BoltBites deals at one of our 7 partner restaurants, or attend a festival!

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How heavy are the bikes?

Our models range from 52-58 pounds. The Stride 400 and Phantom 400 are our lightest models!

What is the weight capacity?

250 Pounds

Can I transport it on my bike rack?

Yes! Your BoltAbout can come along for all your adventures. We recommend you ask your local dealer for their advice on which rack is right for you.

Can I take it on the bus?

We've worked with the City of SLO to legalize the use of electric bikes on SLO Transit and RTA busses! Let us know if you'll be riding on the bus, and we'll make sure to get your bike certified with the city.

Are the electric bikes waterproof?

Not yet! It’s important to keep your eBike protected from water. You should avoid whenever possible to ride your bicycle in the rain. You will not be able to stop as fast and must leave a larger distance between you and the obstacles around you. Your brakes will not perform as quick when they are wet. You will not be able to turn as sharp without the danger of slipping.
Becuase they are not waterproof, BoltABout will add up all of the days in each month that it rained and issue a credit for those days.

Where are BoltAbout's electric bikes manufactured?

Currently, we work exclusively with ProdecoTech electric bikes. ProdecoTech not only cares about the environment, but also is dedicated to keeping jobs in the USA. All ProdecoTech electric bikes are designed and built in Florida, which ensures a high level of quality and customer service. Building the bikes here allows us to have greater control over their design and provide premier service.

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How far can I go on a single charge?

Our bikes have ranges from 20 miles (BoltClassic) to 30 miles (BoltLegend). Our customers tell us they love riding to Avila Beach and back and that they never have to worry about it dying mid-ride.

How long does the battery take to charge?

BoltAbout batteries take 4-6 hours to charge, so we recommend our customers make a habit of charging it overnight so it's always ready to go in the morning.

How does charging work?

All our bikes come with removable batteries which can easily be charged in your dorm room or apartment overnight. They charge in a standard wall outlet, just like your laptop!

What is the battery made of?

All our batteries are produced specially for electric bikes by Samsung using LifePo4 lithium technology. We have both downtube and rear mounted battery systems.

How heavy is the battery?

The removable batteries are 5-6 pounds, about the weight of a laptop.

How do I know my battery level?

A battery meter is conveniently located on the handlebar right next to the throttle.

What happens if I run out of juice when riding?

Your electric bike has just transformed into a stylish pedal-powered bike! Just pedal it home. We do offer extra batteries for an additional monthly charge as well.

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How fast can I go?

The throttle gives you complete "on demand" power. Pull back the throttle to go 20+ MPH without even pedaling! Our Genesis 600 and Phantom 600 are our fastest models.

Can I pedal in addition to using the throttle?

Of course! Pedal as much (or as little) as you want. You simply engage the throttle when YOU want assistance.

Can I ride in the rain?

Unfortunately not. Because of this, BoltABout will add up all of the days in each month that it rained and issue a credit for those days. This way, you're never paying for days you can't ride.

Can I ride it on the beach and on trails?

Safety is our number 1 priority. Because of this, we ask that you stay off the beach and trails.

Can I let my friends ride my bike?

Love your BoltAbout and want to show your friends how amazing our electric bikes are? Go for it! However, if a friend hurts the bike or themselves, you are responsible. So be careful!

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Am I required to wear a helmet?

We strongly advise you wear a helmet, because electric bikes are inherently more risky than normal bikes. That’s why we provide one free with every BoltAbout lease. If you are over the age of 18, the decision to wear it is up to you.

How do I lock my bike?

Using the Kryptonite lock provided with every lease, lock your electric bike by the frame rather than the wheel to decrease the chance of theft. Prior to beginning their lease, every customer must complete a comprehensive Safety Orientation, where we describe proper locking in-depth.

Do I need a driver's license or insurance to ride an electric bike?

BoltAbout electric bikes were made specifically to comply with DMV regulations that classify them the same as any normal sweat-powered bicycle. BoltAbout requires proof of age because we only lease to folks 18 years or older. We are not required to do this by law; however, we believe it is in the best interest of our clients to promote safety on our ebikes. You can ride a BoltAbout electric bike in the bike lane, streets and multi-use bike paths, including SLO's Bob Jones Trail. A driver’s license is not required to ride a BoltAbout ebike.

What happens if I get in a wreck?

Your health and wellbeing are our #1 priority. Just give us a call, let us know what happened, and we'll work with you to get everything back to normal.

What happens if my bike gets stolen?

First, let us know what happened. We'll tell you the bike's serial number and ask that you file a Police Report. Once filed, we will do everything in our power to assist you in tracking your bike down and catching the culprit. However, if we are unable to do so, you will be charged the replacement cost of the bike. If you're looking for a stress-free experience, we offer Theft Insurance for $15/month with a small $150 deductible, so your wallet will hurt a little less in case a theft were to happen.

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Maintenance and Insurance

What is included in BoltAbout's Free Maintenance?

We are happy to offer free wear-and-tear maintenance with every BoltAbout lease. This includes wear on the brakes, derailleur (gear shifter), and anything else that just doesn't feel quite right. When you drop off your bike, you can switch it out for a new bike of the same model right away.

How does BoltAbout's Roadside Relief work? How much does it cost?

Just discovered you have a flat tire, yet have a meeting across town? Lock your bike to the nearest secure rack and shoot us a text to let us know where it is. We'll cover up to $100 in UBER or Lyft charges while your bike is out of commission. Meanwhile, our expert mechanics will fix your bike and return it to a location convenient for you. Roadside Relief comes standard with our BoltMaster and BoltLegend models, or for $15/month a la carte.

What is your insurance coverage?

No insurance is required to cruise on our electric bikes, however to protect you against theft and damage, we offer both theft and damage insurance that can be added to any package. Visit the how it works page for more details!

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What is your return policy?

We ask that our customers give us 2 weeks (14 days) notice before wishing to cancel so we can arrange a new customer to receive your bike and schedule a time with our bike mechanic to assure the bike is in tip-top shape prior to being leasing out again. Go here to schedule a time to return your bike.

How far in advance must I let you know that I am canceling?

2 weeks (14 days). To cancel sooner, we charge a $30 rush fee.

What if I want to cancel within my first month?

Just shoot us an email and we'll setup a time for you to drop your bike off. You shouldn't be paying if you're not happy with it.

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